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Fancy High heels, how to walk in the right size heels.

Hate wearing fancy high heels or are you just too scared to fall down?

Jen the Founder of Fancy Shoe Land knows exactly how it feels to fall and hurt mostly her ego. Have a read how to walk in fancy high heels along with a funny YouTube video of a few 'professionals' trying to walk well in fancy high heels.


Fancy Shoe Land was a Joke.

Fancy Shoe Land was a Joke.....

Well it isn't but the posts on Facebook can be and that is where Fancy Shoe Land started,  read how Jens Facebook post made here change her world around....

When did Ugg boots become fancy footwear?

Fancy Footwear for the races, is everyone who is a punter and fashion lover will be looking for that perfect shoe. But Jen had a different twist on our fashion we love.  The  relaxed clothing has confused the founder of Fancy Shoe Land, read her thoughts here.



We want to get you the correct size fancy shoes...

Fancy Shoe Land wants you all to be able to get the right shoes when you order them from our Fancy Shoe website. So Jen, the founder of Fancy Shoe Land is endeavoring to measure the insert of all the shoes in stock,  yes all the shoes. This way when you get your fancy shoes you won't be disappointed. 

Jen has also been looking at finding a less 'old school way' to measuring your feet. Have a read here how.


Men hate you in your wedges!!

Do you dress for men or for you?  A survey done in America on over 2000 men may surprise you. Shoes men find least attractive.

Read more here...




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