OMG, Christmas is less than 3 weeks from today, which is 28th of November. Someone asked me what the best part of Christmas is. I feel it is the morning and it can be early but I still wake with a smile. I don’t know if it is the memories of Santa or the not knowing what presents you might get? Either way I have always loved Christmas. It is like we all get to give people we love something they may like, yep sometimes we still get the

‘OH it's ....Lovely' response from someone, but saying that, at Fancy Shoe Land,  I make it a point to make it Christmas every time a customer gets their parcel. If you haven't yet bought from my fancy shoe store well you will not know what I am talking about. I had an ahhh moment when being interviewed recently.

I was recently chatting with well-known pod-caster, Rick Mulready from 'Inside Social Media Podcast’, he does a great podcast on iTunes, all about small business in social media using big Business ideas by interviewing people like the Heads’ of social media for Walmart and Ben and Jerry's ice- cream. One of the things he remarked upon to me was,

“What makes you different from your competitors?”
I answered incorrectly but he had me.
“Don't you gift wrap all you shoes that leave your warehouse?”
Well, yes we do, but I had never thought of it as the difference between my business and others.

I think it is fantastic to receive something wrapped, especially in fancy pink paper. I have always done this for all sales even our small and sale items, I feel it finishes the parcel. Yes We also send out Fancy Pink Parcels to women who are having Cancer treatment, but all my sales should be fancy too. Oh, and it even has a shiny Pink shoe sticker for that finishing touch.

I will continue to do this, as the positive feedback I receive from all of you who purchase from my fancy pink store is great!! I love making you feel like your shoes are not only shoes, but a fancy present for you to open when they are delivered.
So next time you order shoes from Fancy Shoe Land think of it as a little bit of Christmas ... just for you.

Thanks for reading.
Here is to making every women feel fancy.