Well who would have thought that my crazy Facebook page had been running over 5 years?
It all started there, my Fancy Shoe Land world.
I started Fancy as a Joke, yep.

I have always loved shoes but I am sure you know that from the previous posts I have written, but I never had any intention of having an online shoe store that helped women feel fancy.  I was busy doing book keeping, being a mum to my two gorgeous kids and the odd bit of hairdressing.
The page started after a frustrating experience trying to contact a girlfriend.
So I posted on her wall a call out
'Lisa from Fancy Shoe Land, Where are YOU??'
Lisa loves her shoes as much as I do, and at this time she had her profile pic of as one of her fancy pairs of shoes. It is still on the Facebook page along with some old posts from the very beginning. Lisa's sexy fancy heel is the first picture I ever posted, I have kept these on the page to remind me where Fancy shoe Land started and remind me to stay focused on feeling Fancy.

Lisa's Fancy red high heel.


So once this post went up my very close girlfriends chimed in as well,  I am not the only lover of Fancy Shoes in my group of friends.
The posts came fast and furious,
With comments like
‘Really don’t tease me, there really is a place called Fancy Shoe Land?

‘Is Cinderella’s glass slipper here?”
“I’ll bet the magic pudding is there too. Who doesn’t love never-ending pudding?’
Yes, my friends and I have no life.
But really Facebook is there to share your life with your friends. It is the place where you can read about your friend’s lives, it is also where you can join groups of like-minded people and share your thoughts.  So after the giggles and posts had stopped, I set up an open group page called Fancy Shoe Land. I invited all my close and distant friends on Facebook to join. I posted a few photos of shoes and shoe antics on the page. One of me on and exercise bike in Wedges of all things. Yes, never exercise in your fancy Wedges!

Jen destroying her fancy Wedges on Facebook


We shared anything to do with fancy shoes or not so fancy in some pictures as well. My Shoe life, and my girlfriends shoe lives, were on show.
This was my escape, my fun page where I could laugh at what we did in our spare time.

My life was very difficult during this period, with the loss of my father to melanoma and them my wonderful mum was dying from Metastatic breast cancer. Here I could forget about the real world for a moment and giggle with my friends.
When my mother did finally pass away I was lost and my world had changed forever. I was a mother of 2 with no real job security, my mum and dad had been my life for the past 3 years. I could not work full time, I was book keeping for a trade business but it was not a big wage. What I was going to do for my future and my kids were the only thoughts I had. The small amount of inheritance was not huge not a deposit for a home but enough to start a small business.
I took a week’s holiday in Thailand with one of my close friends and tried to give myself time to breathe and enjoy life again. In Thailand the shopping in Bangkok is amazing, and the shoes even fancier than anything I had ever seen. I took an amazing amount of pictures of shoes and shared them with my friends in the Fancy Shoe Land world I had created on Facebook. This was the start the realization that Fancy Shoe Land was more than just a group where I had shared pictures and escaped it was my new life, shoes became my addiction more than ever.
Returning fresh from holidays I went back to my life as a mother and a book keeper. I purchased shoes regularly online via American web sites as the fancy stuff just didn’t exist here in Australian shoe sites. I was not content working as a book keeper, I knew I needed to do something more for myself and for my kid’s future.
The decision to start came to me while I was trying to sleep.
‘Why doesn’t Fancy Shoe Land really exist?’
“Why didn’t a place where shoes were available for women in Australia, to feel Fancy?”
Well it was like a light going on and as you now know because you are reading this, the answer was where you are now.
At Fancy Shoe Land,

Fancy equals pretty and confident.

What woman doesn’t want to feel Fancy!

Fancy Shoe Land started as a joke, it turned into a group page where my friends and I could share and laugh about fancy shoes and not so fancy shoes. The page has not change too much in the content I share, lots of funny quotes and unusual pictures of shoes for all women who love their Fancy Shoes and want to escape for a moment in my Fancy Shoe Land.
So come have a look, you never know when something will take your


Thanks for reading, please let me know your thoughts. I love to hear what you have to say.
Here is to making all women feel Fancy.



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