Time to Measure up, you’re thinking of getting a pair of fancy high heels but not sure how high to get them?
You know too high and you will stumble and fall and feel like a fool or even break something - Trust me I know,
I have broken a knee cap and nose at the same time all from wearing sky high fancy heels out in the wet – Ouch.

Broken ego and broken nose

Yes this is my black eye and broken nose with a broken ego.
Too low and you won’t feel fancy.

             Kitten heels are great for work but not for a hot look – right?     But not stripper Hot.             


More like Cinderella crossed with Jessica Simpson or even Rhianna kind of hot.

https://p.gr-assets.com/540x540/fit/hostedimages/1380408112/798127.gif     sassy Jessica Simpson   Rhianna 2013 sassy in fancy heels


But there is one problem, you have never worn heels. You have worn wedges but not a stiletto.

Stiletto fancy heels     fancy wedge boot in black

         Stilettos  Heel                       Wedge heels


Remember learning to ride a bike or a scooter as a child? You were ok on grass because if you fell it wouldn’t hurt.
Not like on the concrete, where you would wobble and fall and graze your knees. Ouch again. 
After a few wobbly starts you got there and your Mum or Dad was saying 'slow down you’re going too fast - you will fall.'

It is like riding a bike when you wear heels

Heels are the same. Start on carpet with a wall or a chair nearby. Also get the right fit. If you have read my blog before you would have seen the video on how to measure your feet. Here is the link if you haven’t. Click here to see how to get the right fit.
There is nothing worse than taking a step in your fancy new heels and leaving your slipper be hide, sounds familiar.

Get the right fit so you don't lose your fancy shoe


You don’t want the shoe too loose or you will look like a little kid in mum or dads shoes flopping all over the place. Cute but not hot and not a good look.




If the shoe is a little loose you can always add an innersole or gel heel grip to pack your foot in firmer so the shoe doesn’t flick of the heel area.

Using the back of a chair at home, on the carpet. Start with tiny steps not long strides you are not an athlete you are a hot lady and there is no medals for falling and it will hurt more than falling off a bike. I now know why kids cry when they graze themselves. I have the scars to prove it.

Your step needs to be heel to toe. Not like walking in a runner or thong.

You need to have balance and putting your toe down first you will find it will steady you enough to get the next step going.
Once you have mastered carpet, move to something harder like floor boards or tiles with a chair nearby…just in case.


Just like when your mum or dad let you go on the concrete but ran along next to you …just in case.

I would allow yourself 10 minutes a day for 2 weeks before braving the concrete or a dance floor.

Once you find you inner fancy princess you will be able to strut your Fancy high heels at any special occasion.
I have added 3 images for you of heels and their heights and how I measure the heel for all our fancy styles.

I would start with 11 cm not 15 cm till you get the balance down pat.



If you try this routine of falling privately first you may be lucky never to fall in public.

Yes I said maybe.. no promises … even the best models fall in fancy high heels. Watch the models and try not to laugh too much.

Let me know how you go.  




Thanks for reading here is to making every women feel fancy.

 Jen the founder.