Well it has happened. Two years in business and no real issues with customers. But I suppose it was inevitable that it was going to happen at some point. I have more customers which usually means more personalities.

Someone said to me once you can not please everyone,
I know this but I can try …. Can’t I ?
Customer service goes a long way in this day and age. I do try to give but sometimes even when giving you cannot change people.

So this is my story…
I decided to get a new door.
A door?
I hear you say….
'What on earth has that got to do with Fancy shoes????’

Loads. I needed a screen door to let the air flow through my house, I rang a company on a Friday, to get someone to come and measure my door and give me a quote. I live in a rural township but it is large over one hundred thousand people, is in fact a rural city, 

but the Aussie mantra

‘she’ll be right mate’

attitude does show its head every now and then.

I spoke to a lady over the phone and she explained that she would have to ring me back, Monday to book a time that suits. She took my details,and over all the phone call was fine.

Monday came and the lady phoned me back to book the guy to do the quote. She explained the 2 screen door options that I could have.

Two? well it that made it easier to choose. Option 1 or 2. Ok they are not shoes, but 2 varieties of the screen door??? mmm this was the first surprise.

The guy arrived the next day to measure my door. Scruffy unshaven trades man. No uniform, no card, no identification on him. I do understand he is a trade’s man, and yes, some jobs you will get dirty so the best clothes are not the ones you need to wear to work. But he is fitting screen doors, not digging trenches.

I was starting to worry he was not capable. He was quick and done in 5 or so mins. He did not leave a copy of the quote. He said they would send it to me. No card nothing. He left.

1 week later I received the quote via email. A simple email with an attachment which I printed and thought 'ok let’s do this.'  I emailed them and  I paid a deposit into their bank and waited….

And waited…. 1 week passed and I decided to ring them thinking they never got my email. I rang the phone number on the quote. It was not connected. I assumed I had dialed it wrong.  Nope not connected so I opened the email from them it showed the same number, disconnected number quoted on the email. Hmmm Google time, she has all the answers. I found the company at the top search for screen door suppliers in the area. The number on the site was different. I rang this number and got the same lady from my original phone call. She was friendly and I explained I had not heard from them so I tried to ring them but the number was incorrect on the invoice.

Her answer ''Oh you got one of those”

The phone number was incorrect on that particular invoice. In this day and age you would think it easy to change the phone number on an invoice, but obviously not. Imagine those not so tech savvy people who don’t adore Google and still use the yellow pages.

I asked her politely ‘if she had received my email saying the payment had been done.’

‘Oh yes, we got that.’ Was her answer.
‘When were you going to let me know that you were going to book me in?’
‘We will call you when the door is ready’
 No time frame. No indication on when my air was to flow through my house without the fly’s or bugs.

‘Ok’ was all I could say and she hung up.
I think I was in shock.

My screen door still is not fitted and my air is still stuffy. Now I believe this was where customer service will help them lose well, customers.

Now if you ever feel I am lacking in the service I would be happy to talk about it.
So Back to the reason for my blog, my customer complaint.
it was in regards to Time frame.

Not the door kind of frame, the time my fancy shoes come to you once ordered.
I give an indication on the site, but not everyone reads fine details, let alone my blog, maybe this is not enough?

I have included a quick video explaining how our shipping works. If you have not seen it here it is.


The email I send out to confirm orders doesn’t really include the time frame. Again, maybe my fault. I feel if you order something from Fancy Shoe Land you should have it in under a week, allowing for holidays and weekends of course. 

Back to the customer complaint, she had not received her order, it had not arrived. My first thought was could it have been lost, but no it had been 6 days and not sent because of supplier issues. I had not contacted her to tell her either. Yes bad me. A simple email may have stopped her concern.

My lesson, disclosure.  As a valued customer you need to know your order has been processed and receive updates on the progress of the order. Unlike my screen door, which is very invisible.  So I learned an important lesson from my customer. We are human and I am learning and mistakes are how we learn. 

The online world of shopping is not much different to the bricks and mortar customer service industry.
So what does a screen door have to do with Fancy shoes……




Disclosure. My promise to my customers.


Thanks for the reminder from a customer. 

I would love to hear of your 'not so good customer service' issues, pop them in the comments below.

Thanks for your time,
Here is to making every women feel Fancy.

Jen the Founder of Fancy Shoe Land.