Do you know the difference between a platform wedge heel and a single sole wedge?

I have had a few people email me this question so I decided to do a quick video to show you.

I also show you quickly how we get our charts for all our shoes, Yes we measure our shoes all the styles and sizes

when they arrive at the warehouse so you get a great fit.

Not all size 7 shoes are a size 7, we know this and measuring all the styles and charting them helps make your

selection a little easier. So you want them to fit, I have measured all the styles before listing them so the charts are correct and I do still hate getting in front of the camera but I know that you guys appreciate it so as they say, I suck it up and

just do it.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any other ideas for videos you would like to see just pop it in the comments below

or email me.


Here is to making all women feel Fancy.