Where to store boots? Or how to store boots and not lose the shape? These are something all shoe lovers look at answering.

You could use a shoe storage box similar to these.

Fancy pink storage boxes.

Great to store shoes ..... not so great for storing boots over winter.

You bend them out of shape and sometimes you can't get two shoes into a small box.

If you have room at the bottom of your wardrobe, great you can use the trick I used in my last blog post and video

to stop them looking like this.

store your boots and save the shape.

If you have not read my last post have a look here.


So what if you do not have the room on the floor of your wardrobe?

Well there is an easy fix to this.

Hang your boots!!

hang your boots for space.

You get them off the floor of your wardrobe, giving you more space and save the


shape of them so they can look fancy next winter.


I have done a quick video showing you how and what I use to store my boots.


I hope this has helped your storage problem.


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