Wedding days are a busy occasion and having that Cinderella moment with the shoes is also one of the things you

do not want.

So I have put together seven things to do and not too do when picking your Fancy bridal Shoes.


1   – DO 

Wear wedges or chunky block heels. Not just because they are more comfy when you are standing in them for hours on end, but also because you won’t end up stuck heel-deep in the grass. If you insist on a stiletto get a heel protector like Starlettos. They will give you a little bit of balance and stop you destroying your shoes.

Starlettos for shoes


2 - DON’T 

Forget to wear them in first! You would be mad if you think that even the comfiest of heels won’t still find some way of rubbing or pinching after six-plus hours of wearing them. Pack a pair of Fancy foldable flats this way you can give your feet a break too.


3 – DO

Remember to waterproof! All weather is as temperamental, it may rain it may not. If it’s rained the day before the ground will be sloppy so mud is a very real risk. A drink in hand may be lovely in your hand but not over your shoes, best to protect them waterproof them. It is an easy process and your better to be safe than ...stained.


4 – DO

Remember to be ladylike with the rest of your outfit as well. You should look like you are going to a fancy wedding. Practice walking in your shoes the week before just for 15 minutes at night. This way you know that on your day you will be walking like a lady not like a new born calf in your fancy shoes.


5 – DO 

Have fun with colours, prints and metallic. There are so many amazing styles, so there is no excuse to be boring. You could do something Blue and get yourself that fancy blue shoe. Put your bridesmaids in different colours of the same style. Or match your flowers with your shoes. It looks great for the photos and gives them a little bit of difference on the day.

multi colored shoes or matching shoes


6 – Don’t 

Wait until the week before the wedding to get the shoes. First of all you need time to match dress lengths. Also those shoes may not come in your size and need to be ordered. Suppliers only stock minimal numbers of sizes so pre order so you won’t be disappointed.

7 - Do

Try you shoes on in the morning when feet are not swollen, you will find at the end of the day in the late afternoon when your feet are at their largest (Remember, that hot weather will cause feet to expand). Too tight in the morning means very sore on the day.

ouch no one likes sore feel.


Hope you liked my seven Fancy Dos and Don'ts for helping you when getting those special shoes for your big day.
Here is to making all women to feel fancy.

Jen the Founder of Fancy Shoe Land.