Fancy Foldable Flats are my favourite shoes to wear even for just running to the car at night. I needed to share this post with you all as she has the look down packed.  The Guest Blog is Cindy Batchelor from .

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Enjoy xo Jen.

I'm certainly not new to the foldable flats idea. They are absolutely genius and an absolute must-have for any woman who regularly wears heels!

Most foldable flats arrive all rolled up. This is great for storing but when you pull them out and wear them, they curl up at the toes, making it look not near as cute and totally making it obvious that you're wearing them. Plus, they tend to not be as comfortable on the toes this way, because the shoe is forcing them curl up into the shoe. Not only that, but they often dig into your heels a bit where the elastic is pulled tightly around the flat.

  Also, a lot of rollable flats have absolutely no cushioning in the sole. They're fine when you've been wearing painful heels all day and just want to give your back and the heels of your feet some relief, but they aren't shoes you would just slip on to wear for the day. With fancy Foldable Flats, you get a nice rubber heel, so you can do just that! I put mine on here and wore them around on a Sunday to do some shopping and running errands, and they were comfortable all day!

See how I styled my Fancy Foldable Flats here.


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