We Know you like to keep up to date on all things Shoe related, so do we. Reading an online question from a forum we found this and it was not the first that we had read.....


Girl needing ideas : I recently purchased this dress .... to wear to an out door wedding ... love it but ... which shoes do I put with it The dress itself is very light and feminine, and the color is a lot more demure--best described as a periwinkle/gray

Strappy stilettos with a peep toe

Cream wedges also peep toe

Or flats in light cream.

Answer 1: Definitely the Strappies, also for the event because even though it's outside, it's still a wedding (flats are less formal).

Answer 2: But then she will be Wearing stiletto heels on grass is essentially walking and standing on your tiptoes the entire time. Not fun after a few hours.

Girl needing ideas :;;;;;Yes, definitely grass. It's at a park and most people will be walking the few blocks to the reception, weather permitting (it's Minnesota; anything could happen). I am also not very confident in heels so I can't imagine not beefing it while walking on uneven ground.


Answer 3 : but I don't like any of the three shoes you are considering (although the open toe first ones are the least bad). I also think the flats are too casual for a wedding, as are the last ones.

Answer 2: Outdoor wedding -- I'm thinking grass or worse outdoor surfaces?I am also not very confident in heels...

Answer 3:I would suggest some nice summery wedges. They won't sink in to the grass & will be easier to walk in if you are not used to heels.


After reading this blog I knew that Fancy Shoe Land could have helped for under $15 this girl could have worn the heels she wanted and not decided to wear flats or wedges to a wedding to sacrifice a look.

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Starlettos are the answer and they are super cute. These re usable tiny heel protectors are what she needed.

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When you are wearing them on hard ground, the non-slip sole gives extra grip to avoid slipping. Starlettos can be worn at home and to parties to protect wooden and vinyl floors from unsightly heel indentations.

Small heel protectorsCrystal starlettos doing their job well 

After selecting the color and style of Starlettos to suit your outfit, simply attach your Starlettos to the bottom of your heels.




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Starlettos are temporary and removable attachments that cup the bottom of the heel without damaging your shoes. The shape and elasticity of each Starletto is perfect for most types of heels - from tiny 8mm stilettos to more stable 14mm heels.

Starlettos are designed to let you wear your heels on soft ground without sinking. Worn like that we recommend them for up to ten outing - so they should last you a whole season of outdoor events. Of course you can wear them on hard ground too but they will wear down more quickly.  Relax, you don't have to glue them on and you can pull them on and off easily. They stay on because they are made of a springy material that grips tightly and the star shape in the middle fits around any kind of heel. 

The handy storage bag keeps your fingers and handbag clean. Once you’ve finished using Starlettos for the day, simply remove them with the aid of our petite and stylish storage bag. The handy little pouch ensures that your fingers and handbag are clean,and reduces the chances of losing your  precious Starlettos

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Easy care and storage to clean your Starlettos, simply rinse them in warm water, dry them with a soft cloth and pop them back in your pouch ready for the next use.

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