Wow, the amount of emails and messages via our Facebook page is amazing.  I love helping you out in the fancy shoe world to get the right choices.  Shoes should fit correctly, to do this you need to select the most close to your own shoe size.  But buying shoes on the internet you don’t get the chance to try them on.  Bummer, we do have an easy refund and exchange service if you want to buy two pairs closest to the correct size you need, then you could return the incorrect size as per our returns and exchange policy.  This works for a lot of you out there.  We are always happy to do and exchange or refund.  

How does that help me? You ask.  Well next to this is a pink foot and under the sizes is a description on how you can trace your foots out line so you can see the length and width your feet are and then you can match up to the closest pair of shoe.   These are all approximate sizing but they have been measured of the style of shoe that is listed and are as close to as possible the length and width of that particular style of shoe.

So that this little post was needed it has been the most asked question for all.

“How do I know which size is correct as all sizes vary slightly?”

Our description is here so you can understand how to measure your feet for the correct size ‘Fancy Shoe Land’ Style.

How to measure your foot for shoes sizes.


Hope I have helped.

Here is to making every woman Fancy.


Founder of Fancy shoe Land