My aim, as you all may know from reading my posts or following us on our Fancy Facebook page, is to make every women feel fancy. Feeling confident in a new pair of shoes is one way you can.  How can I help you feel fancier and not disappointed when you get your fancy new shoes?  By making sure you have the correct size measurements.  You may have seen on our site we have a chart to help you measure your foot size, to match our shoes. Click here if you haven’t.

Over the next month I am endeavoring to measure every pair of shoes in our stock.  Not an easy task with some 300 styles.  I know this may take some time but I want you to be able to feel confident when you select one of our fancy shoes that you are getting a shoe that fits closest to your size. 

Every shoe manufacturers make the sizes differently, which does not help anyone. My own shoe size varies from brand to brand.  I can be a 9, 10 or 11.  This is not helpful to anyone. So I am getting them measured... the shoes not my feet.

I have also looked at a number of free mobile apps to see if I could make it easier for you to measure your foot, without having to get out the tape measure.  I did find two that served this purpose. I tried them myself with some success and with a lot of fiddling. Having already measured my feet I knew what they were in centimeters and thought this will help see how accurate these apps are.


This App is called 'Size that up!'

screen shot for the app size that up

It has a few steps you need to do to get the correct size. It uses a base line size of an everyday item e.g. Credit card or 1 foot ruler or for us Aussies a thirty centimeter ruler.   You need to line your foot up with the item next to your foot then take a photo on your phone.  I chose an A4 piece of paper. My helper a friend’s 13 year old daughter, Caitlyn, found it easier with a ruler.

    Caitlyn getting her feet photo ready for the app.


To establish the base line you need to drag the toggle to the top and bottom of the ruler, once that is done then you do the same with your foot.  The app then works out the size either in cm or inches. The app also lets you scroll down to select your shoe size. This would be fantastic if all manufacturers used the same measurements as a standard for shoes.

screen shot for the app Mys fit.

It is not a fancy looking app but it works, if you take a clear photo and if you can line the toggles up correctly to the longest points on your feet.  It might work better for you all out there. My little helper preferred this over the next which was harder to control.


Another one I tried was called ‘MYS Fit  

This links to a fashion web site called

screen shot for the app Mys fit.


 You need to do the same thing with getting a base line photo with an A4 piece of paper.  Place your heel and paper against the wall to then take a photo of your foot.

screen shot for the app Mys fit.

 Sounded simple. Not so, you have to balance the small lines until you are able to get the ‘green light’ for go, to take the photo. I did it after about 3 times, Once you have done that the again line the toggles to the sides of the paper for the base line and the sides and top of your foot. It asks you do to the same again with you other foot as well.  I felt this was not a bad idea as most of us have slightly different size feet, in my case ½ sizes. Once both feet are done, you can then get the size in inches or centimeters.  I also got my little tech savvy girl, Caitlyn to try this one she had as much trouble as me when it came to the ‘green lights’ for the photo, the picture is one of her better ones.

Caitlyn getting her feet photo ready for the app.                               screen shot for the app Mys fit.


So it is possible to measure your feet to get the correct size in centimeters, not as accurate as a ruler or tape measure, but they can come close.  Love to hear your thoughts or if you have a better app that works to measure, which is not so old school as our ‘how to measure your foot fancyshoeland Style’

So for now I am back to measuring all our fancy shoes for you guys.

Here is to making every woman feel fancy.







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