A recent article I read, which surprised me, was in regards to our wonderful opposite sex the Man!

A company named couponcodes4u did a survey of 2,103 American males. The question asked was

“What is the least attractive shoes for women”

The results surprised me, Wedges at the top of the list

have a look at the top 5 results.

1. Wedge shoes -- 71 percent

2. Uggs -- 67 percent

3. Crocs -- 63 percent

4. Platforms -- 58 percent

5. Flip flops/ thongs -- 55 percent.

If you want to read what our males think here is the link to the whole article from Huffingtonpost.com.

So girls it looks like our Fancy heels are safe, but put away the Wedge.

Do they really believe they can choose the shoes you want to wear?