Fancy Shoes have been something I was drawn to as a small girl. I remember sneaking into my Mum’s cupboard and looking at her shoe collection. Mum and Dad did not have a whole lot of money; my Mum’s shoe collection only grew if she had somewhere special to go. I could not wait to put on her heels and wear them once my foot grew. My Mum wore a size 7 or 38 for E.U sizes. Unfortunately my foot out - grew Mums and I was about 13 wearing a size 8. My younger sister also had a larger sized foot too, always ½ size bigger than mine. So there was never any sharing of shoes in our house.

I remember one pair of Mum’s shoes she no longer wore; they were a pointy toe pump, in red snake skin. She had bought these wear with an outfit for a special occasion and kept to wear again when the time seemed right. I knew of these lovely red fancy shoes and I was determine to get my huge teenage foot into them, so when she was busy I did what any teen would do when told not to, I went to her cupboard and squeezed my feet into these shoes, not really aware that I would stretch them. I slowly wobbled out to ask Mum why such a lovely pair of shoes would just sit in her cupboard and not get worn. Oh and that I was going to claim them as my own.

I have worn more than my fair share of tight shoes, just because I didn’t or couldn’t get Fancy Shoes in my size. Here is some tip you should know.

  • Everyone has one foot slightly larger than the other. If you don't know which, measure your foot.  (If you haven't read my how to measure your foot Fancy Shoe Land Style click here read)
  • Make sure you buy shoes for the larger foot, not the smaller one.
  • You can always add an inner sole or a heel grip. These are great for narrow feet too; as they seal the foot into the sole and allow your feet to feel comfortable in the shoes.

  • When buying shoes it is very important to choose a shoe that doesn’t clench you feet. As your feet will widen slightly as the day goes by. If you buy the smaller size you well be very uncomfortable.
  • Shop for your shoes in the afternoon, if you can, as your feet swell up during the day and become larger.

I laugh now, when I think of her shocked face as I approached the kitchen in her favorite heels. Little did I know that my foot was on its way to a generous size 10 at that age? Those fancy heels were never going to be mine. I am now living this with my daughter, who is only 10 and is wearing size 4 ladies. One thing I am glad for is she hates the color pink and my shoe collection has quite a few ‘girly’ colors in it. I also have two wonderful girl friends who have teen daughters that are also heading into the generous size shoes area as they grow.

My question for the shoe world and you is what are women of the future going to be in, a standard 7.5 or 8 or will they all be looking for size 11 and 12 ??


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