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It’s coming up to spring racing time in across Victoria and let’s face it, the fashion is almost as important as the horses. You don’t see much in the way of Ugg boots featured in Fashions on the Field. Traditionally the ladies wear black and white on Derby Day.

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I am willing to bet, and I love a punt, that by the end of the day your feet will be crying out for a pair of comfy shoes, maybe a pair of foldable flats. Then you might want to sit back in the evening with the uggs on.

So when did it start happening, this relaxed clothing environment? Track suits are no longer just to wear on the ‘track’ and runners or ‘kicks’ now get worn by guys on dates?? My sister and I would fight over the clothes in our dress up box to look like the princess or the ballerina, with beautiful shoes and dresses, to have a tea party. 



We had our best clothes and shoes to wear to Christmas parties and Easter celebrations. Even going to School I had good clothes I could wear on ‘out of uniform days’. Don’t get me wrong, I sit at home in my uggs cuddled up with my warm cup of tea at night, in the winter, and I will run down the street in my track suit pants to get milk, I do have a relaxed clothing appearance some days.

I do hope that maybe they will only be worn inside but I think those days are gone.

So when did it happen. When did causal Friday become every day??


Here is to making every woman feel Fancy


Jen Founder of Fancy Shoe Land.



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