I love my kids,  as most mums do, but my daughter and I are very different. She is a 10 year old tom boy, which I am absolutely fine with. But when it comes to my love for fancy shoes, well, she falls well short of this.

So imagine my surprise when I felt a connection to my daughter’s new addiction to the online game of Mine craft. I find that most evenings while wearing my mummy hat and doing the preparation in the kitchen, my 10 year old sits enthralled watching the modern substitute for T.V, YouTube tutorials on her favorite game Mind craft. I find it funny that this has now become her replacement for kid’s T.V.It is all g rated so I let her be. This one particular night she was sitting giggling at the voice antics of the presenter of the tutorial, Dan, his tutorials do show cases for ‘Mods’, if you are like me and not so into gaming language well these like a plug-in or add on after purchase, for this game she adores.


This particular one she was watching was one called ‘bosses’ very adult name I guess, and in it one of the N.P.C ( it’s ok I have learned the term from her – Non player characters) is called Girlfriend. You spawn (create) a girlfriend to be well, your girlfriend. She comes with cute little abilities, one of these is to throw her stilettos at the creatures you need to kill, like zombies and skeletons mmm maybe not so cute. Well she at least is seeing how our fancy shoes can be used as protection in an animated kind of way.


So my non-shoe loving daughter now thinks she and I are bonding over this fact. What do I say? Well for one who thinks the new going out shoe is her favorite worn out thongs/flip flops I should cheer a little. She may hate my pink shoes I am glad of the fact that her favorite color is actually yellow, I am happy it isn’t black and it is certainly a perky color. Still to my disappointment I have never found my little girl in my closet stomping around in my fancy pink heels but I think she is leaving that up to her little brother, and that is a whole other story !

I have added the tutorial that she watches only because I promised I would show you. I do like the red stilettos she throws maybe I could send them an email and get them to get a pink one for me ???


Here is to making all women feel Fancy.