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Poker Pin Ups: beginners poker for women, dedicated to the most popular form of poker, Texas Hold'em.

This site is designed to teach you how to play poker and is aimed at the beginner women of poker.

Their mission is to welcome more women to the world of poker. They understand that in the past poker has been a very male dominated game and women have maybe found it intimidating to join in or just left the boys to get on with it! With exclusive interviews and tips from poker pros such as Beth ShakIsabelle MercierGillian EppKatie Stone and more! PokerPinups will teach you the basics of how to play poker and introduce you to the top players and women poker pros. Meet their glamorous poker pin-up girls who will share all their poker secrets!




snog, sydney Neuro Oncology Group, brain tumour research and support

100% of monies raised through donations go directly into brain tumor research.

The Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group (SNOG) is a charitable organization that aims to improve the management of brain tumors through targeted research, information sharing, constant scrutiny of treatment options and through education and ongoing support for patients and their families.

  • Any administrative costs involved in running SNOG are financed by an external source. No percentage of donations is used.
  • The Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group is a Not for profit organization.
  • All donations $2.00 or more are fully tax deductible.
  • The Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group in collaboration with The Kolling Institute of Medical Research would like to acknowledge the contribution that patients and families have made to further medical knowledge and the treatment of this disease.
  • Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group has treated over 900 patients with newly diagnosed malignant brain tumors since 2005. This number continues to grow.
  • Donations can be made to SNOG via our website,
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City Chic US
Edible Blooms