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Fancy equals Confident and Confident equals Pretty.

Our fancy online shoe store was designed to brings Women,

All over Australia and around the globe,  shoes that make them feel a little bit Fancy.

Being Fancy makes any woman feel Confident

Who doesn't want to feel Fancy! 

Have you ever bought something online, only to find that when you received it the size was not right?  
We don't want that for you.
Fancy Shoe Land wants to ensure you get the best fit,
With measurements of 90% of our shoes inner soles charted in centimeters of length and width of each style, this way you can feel more confident that when you receive your fancy shoes and they will certainly make you feel Fancy - especially if you a have the right size.
If you want to know how to measure your foot 'Fancy Shoe Land style' have a read of Jen's blog,

             Click to read how to get the right fit 'fancy shoe land' style.



We know you are on a budget and to help you, Fancy Shoe Land sends out a monthly email. 

Jen the Founder sends our subscribers a code for discounts and all our fancy news.

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The best is our prices let you indulge in a little Fancy shoe fun.

Fancy Shoe Land is a proudly Australian owned and run business.  Our office and warehouse are located in regional Victoria, Australia.  For more information See our 'Customer Information' Tab at the top on the right.

Here you will find information regarding Shipping, Returns and Exchanges and all our site securities 


With over 100 styles to choose from, in sizes 5 up to 16, 

We are sure you will find something that will take your

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