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Starlettos Heel Protectors

Price: AU$12.25

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  • Starlettos are stylish and strong high heel protectors.
  • Stops you destroying you expensive heels and keeps your shoes clean.
  • Prevent heels from penetrating into soft ground.
  • No you don't have to glue them on and you can pull them on and off easily.
  • They stay on because they are made of a springy material that grips tightly.
  • The Flexible petals are designed to fit a range of heel sizes.
  • Once finished simply remove and put them in the handy little pouch.
  • Between 8mm and 14mm.(that's about 5/16" to 9/16")
  • Great for Weddings.
  • At the Races.
  • Any outdoor event where you my sink into grass.
  • Can even stop you slipping on the dance floor.
  • Reusable to clean simply rinse them in warm water.
  • Dry them naturally then pop them back into the pouch.
  • Starlettos have the strength to protect your heels over 5-6 uses on soft ground.
  • Of course you can wear them on hard ground too but they will wear down more quickly.
  • Rouge - Red
  • all come with a handy little Pouch

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